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How do You feel about the client and how its ran?

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You guys should tell about what you think about how its ran position if its fun why you fell its like that basically anything u like or dislike plz reply thank you.

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Noob Poster
its an good server.

just tryd some quests and they are pretty cool.
all skill capes work with emote.
fun mods and admins.
and pretty cool pk, only an multy pk place would be nice.

its just an good server x.D

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Noob Poster
this server owns got a good staff and no suckage join it now

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Noob Poster
yh its going good so far. everything is mostly fun and fair. if people just dont die and really like the server-they get really addicted lol. suggestions would be is that the client could have added not just forum link but others like vote for angel pkz. Admin have problems with the item list so why not make an item, npc and object list.


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